Dual SIM Control

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Compatible with Mediatek phones if used with a standard ROM (Sony-Ericsson, MIUI, and any ROM which have been heavily modified by the manufacturer can work, but are not supported)

Compatible with Samsung Duos if used with standard Samsung ROM and phone is rooted

Widget icons/layout customization from three different styles available

Widgets (1X1, 2X1 and 3X1) to select/toggle the options included (color of the widget reflect the SIM settings)

Rules to decide what SIM is used to call a number (contact groups, USSD and country codes support)

Integration with Tasker actions

Integration with Tasker conditions (SIM states, data connection state, SIM roaming, no network signal)

Integration with Tasker events (incoming call, incoming SMS)

API to integrate with other apps or your own application (only available on the paid version)

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