Dual SIM Control FAQ

  • Is the app compatible with my phone?
    • If you have a phone with Mediatek processor (SoC) or a Samsung Duos phone the probability that the app will work with your phone is pretty high.

      However even with one of those pre-requisites you should note the following.
      If you have a Mediatek processor phone you must be using a stock ROM for my app to work. Some phone manufacturers are more prone to these problems than others, in case of doubts try the free version first.
      If you have a Samsung Duos phone, make sure that you have the stock Samsung ROM and root privileges. You should also make sure to grant root permissions to my app when requested.

      Please use the free version before buying the premium to see if it works with your phone. This was the main reason to develop a free version, so use it please.
  • Where can I get the free version?
    • Follow the "Get it on Goole Play" banner link on the top of this page.
  • What's the difference between the free and paid version?
    • There are two main differences.
      1. The free version has some of the features disabled (options marked as premium, and no more than 3 call rules).
      2. The paid version has a special feature that allows third-party developers to call some functions through Android intents.
  • Can I get the full version after paying for the in-app purchase in the free version?
    • That is not possible, since that Google doesn't allows it.
      You shouldn't bother with that since that when using any of the apps the user experience is the same if you paid for the in-app purchase on the free version (except for the Android Intent feature only available on the Premium version - see previous question).

      You can also refund the premium version while you test it for some minutes. So if you are in doubt if any of the full version features will work on your phone use this version instead, give it a try and ask for a refund in Google Play if it didn't worked for you.
  • Why does it say that I have to pay for the Premium version if I already paid?
    • I implemented some mechanisms to detect hacked versions. This mechanism needs to contact Google to retrieve the license.
      This license is cached by Google services on your device, and after that sometimes it fails to renew it. It's mainly a Google bug or servers downtime that usually gets fixed in a day or two (according to what users reported).

      It can also happen (and it has happened a couple of times) that when I publish a new version the application bundled cryptographic keys don't match those used to place the license on the server. I usually have to upload a new version to fix that.

      Whenever faced with a problem like this, and if you didn't received an app update, is to make sure that you have internet connection when opening the app. Remember to clear the app from the recent apps option in Android, since that it's guaranteed that the app is restarted and tries to fetch the license from Google.
  • Can you make your app compatible with my device?
    • I try to make the app compatible with the more used phones.
      I don't make use of known Android APIs, so maintaining the app is very time consuming and as more devices I support the worst it gets.

      One of the big challenges is to have a device to test and access to the ROM source (source code, not ROM builded zip or binaries), and as you can imagine I don't have money or time to have dozens of phones to develop support for everyone.

      Please use the free version before buying the premium to see if it works with your phone. This was the main reason to develop a free version, so use it please.
  • The app stopped working after I upgraded/changed my phone Android version?
    • That can happen. The app uses undocumented APIs to work. Between ROM versions OEMs change some function so that I must implement a workaround to those versions.
      It happened when KitKat was launched, and it's happening now with Lollipop. I eventually fixed KitKat with the help of some users, and will have to make the same with Lollipop (I don't have a Mediatek phone with any of those versions to test).

      So if you are in this situation, please don't blame me. I can't predict what the OEMs will make to their ROMs in new versions.
      Offer some help to test so it gets fixed faster.
  • How can I help to test new features or bug fixes?
    • I have beta and alpha versions that you can test.
      I'm a one-man-show programmer, supporter, etc. so I rarely publish a alpha version. But beta versions I do publish and it's very important that if you receive a beta version to come back to me even if it's all working as before.

      To join the beta program you have to follow the link for the version you wish to test (free or paid version) that are available on this website at the app main page.
      After joining you should receive a new version in 6 to 12 hours, and if you wish to abandon the beta program just follow the same link again.
  • The option to switch the current active 3G SIM is not working?
    • This is one of the more unpredictable features.
      The phone must support it at hardware level, and then the ROM itself must support the feature that I'm using to implement this.

      I had users complaining that it works on a beta ROM but not on the final release. This is evidence that it is removed by phone manufacturers for some reasons.

      This is exactly stated in the app description, so don't just complain and/or give bad rating because it's not my fault. Complain to your phone manufacturer, asking why they didn't implemented that.

      A user with Mediatek changed a property in /system/build.prop to make it work. He changed the property "ro.gemini.smart_3g_switch" to the value 1 (he has a Redmi Note 3G)
  • Does it work if I give bad rating in Google Play for you to implement what I need?
    • It has worked sometimes when people where nice and polite, and truly helpful in trying to solve the issue they where facing.

      This tactict won't work in some scenarios:
      1. If you are requesting someting impossible.
      2. If you are rude or arrogant.
      3. You just give bad rating, and don't contact me with an email explaining the issue.
  • Why doesn't my question is answered here?
    • Because for now I only had the time to add this ones. More will come soon...