Open With FAQ

  • How do I use the application?
    • On any application that has a "Share" option, like the browser, select anything to share and then select Open With from the list of available handlers.

      A list of installed applications that can handle what you are sharing is presented and you should select one of those apps to open the content.
  • The app I need it's not showing up, or the app says that no suitable app exists?
    • My app can only show other installed apps if those apps register themselves to open the content that is shared.

      This means that if you share an image only the apps that registered to open images would be presented.
  • How do I force an app to be used, if it wasn't detected automatically?
    • Open my app from the app drawer, and choose to select a fixed app.
  • Why are fixed apps duplicated?
    • Apps have many handlers, so the list of apps presents each of those handlers for all the apps.

      The name of the handler is presented whenever possible, and can give some hints to what handler you should select.
      If a text editor has two entries, one with the handler "SaveFile" and the other with "OpenFile", almost certainly that the one that is called "OpenFile" it's the one you should select to share a file and open it with that app.